On 22 May 2010 Laslo Hanyecz, a Florida man paid around 10.000 BTC for two pizzas of Papa John’s and received his order after some delay. After 9 months of this iconic transaction, those two pizzas were worth $10,000. In 2015 the value of the indigenous pizza deal of Florida was worth $2.4 million. On its 11th yearly observance on May 22, 2021, that deal is worth $638 million. Laslo Hanyecz is also the first person to use Bitcoin in a transaction. This is the reason May 2nd is called the bitcoin pizza day. The striking fun fact is 10 years after the deal, he still has no regret about the deal.

What is Rscoin and why should you consider it a golden opportunity to invest in  new emerging cryptocurrency?

RSCOIN is a blockchain-based new cryptocurrency with a cutting-edge digital payment system and a new kind of global cryptocurrency that works like other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. RSCOIN (RSC) uses the fundamentals of Asymmetric cryptography and completely a decentralized currency without any central authority or bank

  • New Emerging Cryptocurrency.
  • Best Currency to invest in after the market crash.
  • Why you should buy RSCOIN.

Bitcoin has recently rocked at the seventh sky about 60,000 USD before the crypto market went red. In May 2010 a person paid around 10.000 Bitcoins for a pizza. This is the reason May 2nd is called the bitcoin pizza day. We have no reason to doubt that this is exactly what the future of the new cryptocurrency Rscoin might look like. Let’s delve further into it together. The value of BTC was zero USD back in 2009. Gradually in Feb 2011, BTC started to remunerate one USD. Just like BTC and other pioneer cryptocurrencies, Rscoin is also trying to convert the ebb into the tide.

Emerging Cryptocurrency.

Rscoin is a new cryptocurrency that is making its worth in the digital market. It has the pervasive potential to grow with time just like BTC and other crypto giants. You can procure Rscoins through your mobile mining and also you can directly buy them. We make sure the security of our customers against any squander.

Best Currency to invest in after the market crash.

The volatility of BTC is also high just like its enticing price. According to the recent huge dip of 23% in its price is circulating all over the news. But you can save yourself from this Bull Run. A bull run is a typical term that indicates the peculiar behavior of BTC. After every four years or after the mining of each 21,000 blocks Bitcoin is designed to cut in half to control inflation. This process is executed by halving the reward of miners. The question is which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in after the colossal downfall in the market? Here comes the answer, by investing in a new cryptocurrency like Rscoin which is free from the plummet of the market and capable of growing. New cryptocurrency Rscoin is developing rapidly and the buyers of Rscoin will be rewarded in the near future. You just have to take a leap of faith and Rscoin will do the rest.

Why you should buy RSCOIN.

Just like every other investor you also want to invest in a place that makes sure the security of your capital and has promising potential and convincing strategy. If you also prefer security and reliability, Rscoin (RSC) is absolutely the right choice to make and the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2021. You can also mine through your mobile and earn coins. Which can further be withdrawn or converted into other currencies with great ease.


So, the crux of the discussion is whether it’s now or never. Opportunity always favors the bold. You have to make the right move and invest in a New Cryptocurrency Rscoin (RSC) which promises you uncompromising security and a promising bright future.