A comprehensive guide about; what is a blockchain and different kinds of blockchain?

What is a distributed ledger technology? DLT is a decentralized repository maintained by different anonymous people through different nodes. Blockchain is basically a kind of DLT on which the record of transactions and other data is stored by immutable cryptographic signatures called hashes. Then these transactions are compiled by the size of transactions called blocks.

Future of Ethereum in a meme and what is EIP-1559 London fork Upgrade

The viral meme which established Ethereum as the Ultra Sound Money is now circulating again on social media platforms. It has compared BTC as a sound money because of its limited supply system with Ethereum after the EIP-1559 upgrade and dubbed it as Ultra Sound Money also because it is gradually shifting on proof of

A week roundup of Crypto Frenzy World and New Emerging Cryptocurrencies

The die heart followers of BTC had a calm week with some swirling highs and lows. Over this week BTC touched the high of $35.000 threshold and low of $32.000. All in all, BTC is down relatively meager percentage of 2.36%. Technically, a big umber of positive opportunities lured towards BTC in special and towards

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How to Take Advantage of Crypto Plunge

The recent tailspin of cryptocurrencies is making investors thinking about the future of big cryptocurrencies and their capital amid the new Political rivalry between digital currencies especially Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other prominent crypto giants and World Powers. Let’s explore together what happened, why does it happen, and what to do to make the most out

4 Reasons To Invest And Trade In Cryptocurrency

Everyone is familiar with the power and the time value of the existing and the new cryptocurrencies. Rapid growth with a lot of financial benefits has made everyone to buy new digital currencies. Crypto makers are notoriously volatile so by the time you read this write the digital market could have gone a blast or

Highly Passive Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2021

Are you planning on new cryptocurrency to buy or invest in year 2021? With more than 4000 cryptocurrencies already in the global markets, you must invest in the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2021 which is not an easy task to do. Is there a new cryptocurrency coming out this year? No need to worry,

RSCOIN an Emerging New Cryptocurrency 2020

Who just doesn’t know about Bitcoin, the first new cryptocurrency came to observance in 2009 and no one could have imagined that digital crypto will grow with such an overwhelming speed that over 54 Million people would use it globally in some shape or form. All of this trust developed due to the cryptographic features

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