There is always a lot going on in the Crypto Universe. It seems now the crypto world is fighting in the ring and then they are up against the rope. Although all financial markets have vulnerability towards uncertain political going, when it comes to the crypto market it is the most susceptible financial market.

What is really happening

The trading volume of cryptocurrencies is still. higher than the previous year but the daily volume of trading volume of BTC in May dragged the mood down with almost 42% intra-month trade.

On one side there is a revolution going on in terms of educating the masses what cryptocurrency is and how it works. With the huge number of people turning their wealth into cryptocurrencies in one way or another. It also raises concerns for the relevant regulatory authorities which resulted in the ban of the world’s biggest crypto exchange.

The last Breath of Chinese Mining

China has executed what they call an iron fist initiative in the last crackdown on mining operations and left no stone unturned for clamping down any activity related to facilitating crypto operation and crypto transactions.

Future of New Cryptocurrencies

On the other side, those emerging cryptocurrencies are thriving that are working on the environment-friendly and new cryptocurrencies like Rscoin which operates on the most efficient proof of stake algorithm. You can mine on the mobile app of Rscoin.

The whole world of banking finance is currently burning their midnight oil to come up to launch the alternative CBDCs. It’s time to invest in the new emerging cryptocurrencies like Rscoin to energy free mining and for secure future investments

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