Rscoin Rewards

Win Countless Prizes

Like other cryptocurrencies, Rscoin also presents a Reward System for those who help our system stay secure from potential threats. Our community has multiple distinct groups helping us fighting and securing our blockchain systems. All of these groups are receiving rewards for those efforts.

How to Get Rewards

Rscoin RSC works on proof of stake security mechanism. Only people who hold points can help secure the network. You can earn a reward by using your points in below first two methods. However, if you don’t have points to earn some, you can still earn by using the third method.

1# Running a Masternode

Running a Masternode, Requires some
technical know-how.

2# Stake Your Points

Staking your Rscoin, which has no required minimum, but requires you to keep your wallet active.

3# Helping Out

For up to date rewards please check
out the Rscoin Rewards Calculator.