Crypto Gods Turning the Tailspin by curbing the high-Risk trades.

How does the Gold Gained its value? Cryptocurrencies just like gold and other currencies have same rule of its worth. Which is its acceptability and value. Value is determined by its availability and abundance. Just like gold, its production or availability is limited and people think that it is an exotic and valuable universal currency

Crypto Summer Plunge and Optimistic New Cryptocurrencies

There is always a lot going on in the Crypto Universe. It seems now the crypto world is fighting in the ring and then they are up against the rope. Although all financial markets have vulnerability towards uncertain political going, when it comes to the crypto market it is the most susceptible financial market. What

El Salvador legalizes Bitcoin Trade and Mining through the Geothermal Energy of Volcanoes

On Wednesday In a surprising and daring move, the Congress of El Salvador approved Bitcoin as a legal tender in the country after President Nayib Bukele'S proposal was accepted with 62 members out of 84 voted in the favor of this legislation. Bukele also shared his plan of making Salvador the hub of Bitcoin mining.

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Bitcoin Pizza Day Whatever Happened in Florida, does Not Stay in Florida.

On 22 May 2010 Laslo Hanyecz, a Florida man paid around 10.000 BTC for two pizzas of Papa John's and received his order after some delay. After 9 months of this iconic transaction, those two pizzas were worth $10,000. In 2015 the value of the indigenous pizza deal of Florida was worth $2.4 million. On

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