Roadmap 2020-2021

Know where we are heading

The robust and useful roadmap is Rscoin recognition. Although some of the projects were put on back, overall we have developed and introduced some amazing technologies to our users to secure their online privacy more and more. Our wallet is built on the innovative technology that assures top privacy.

We are always after proof of stake privacy and creating the best experience that people can enjoy. We are rolling out a few roadmaps to highlight are a fabulous community, privacy protocol and alliance projects.

We will keep updating this roadmap regularly with each project’s progress.

Core Wallet Updates

New Privacy Protocol

Rscoin accepts that users’ privacy is at the topmost. We have implemented a new privacy protocol to improve privacy, usability and performance compared to our previous solutions. This is the highest priority item in the Rscoin roadmap in 2020. However, this privacy protocol will be developed stage over time. Rscoin has completed the initial planning and the development has been also in process. The information about new privacy protocols will be published publicly soon. This will take user privacy to the next level.

HD Wallet Support

Rscoin has started working on Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallet feature with custom BIP44 support to enable the wallet to generate a secure seed that is easy to backup and be used to restore the wallet transactions. BIP44 develops several keys from a single master seed in a very organized way for different uses. The child key can create further grandchild keys of the master seed.

Faster Network Sync

Powerful and fast peer synchronization guarantees to shorten the blockchain sync time. This will minimize the wallet sync time and will minimize the reliance on snapshots.

Memory Usage Optimization

Memory usage optimization technology will make the wallet to minify the RAM consumption and give its users a faster loading experience.

Advanced Shared Memory

Improved Critical Section Utilization with increase efficiency for lock contention reduction. A better performance during blockchain synchronization.

GUI Improvements Updates

In-Wallet Proposal Creation

In-wallet proposal creation will add more accessibility in the wallet and will allow users to create Rscoin budget proposals. User will be able to create proposals without using complex and error prone command lines.

Export CSV

Users can now download transaction history in CSV files with this feature.

Light Nodes/Light Wallets Updates

Rscoin Wallet + Rscoin release on Mobile & Desktop Wallets

The Light-node protocol developed by Rscoin allows the RS Coin wallet to spend Rscoin directly. While the core wallet support lends a supportive hand to extend network services for the protocol.

Multi-sig for Mobile & Desktop Wallets

Our digital signature enabled system makes it possible for a group to sign a single transaction. Our multi-signature supported system is enabled for desktop and mobile wallets.

Trezor/ledger Integration on Mobile & Desktop Wallets

Now mobile and desktop wallets support Trezor/Ledger.

Community Roadmap


We have Rscoin ambassadors providing marketing and adoption programs. The Rscoin around the globe spend their time and resources to educate people, merchants and investors, so that, they can easily invest in Rscoin. Our ambassadors represent Rscoin. We are always in search of good ambassadors.

Rscoin Tutorial Suite

We have covered basics of Rscoin usage across mobile and desktop through our Rscoin tutorial suite.

Top Tier Exchanges

We have aimed to reach on top tier exchanges by the end of 2021. Our integration with exchange will reduce the volatility and improve liquidity.

Alliance Roadmap

Alliance Payments Protocol

Alliance payment protocol will allow alliances to repay the Rscoin blockchain by supplementing already passed proposals.